I'm Queenette Nwobodo!

Speaker | Life Strategist | Counselor | Author


I help women move from stuck in life and business to successful and fulfilled, with renewed clarity and confidence.

I've helped women all over the world get unstuck, overcome fear, find their gift, passion, and fulfill their life purpose. Together, we'll figure out what's really holding you back and create a plan so you can achieve your life and business goals.



I've had the pleasure of working as a high school counselor for 10 years. I was knew that helping young people believe in themselves and would lead to a positive outcome. Helping young people improve their grades, attendance, and attitude is something I love to do. 

With over 16 years of studies, practicing psychology and utilizing counseling skills, I've used those techniques to help students, parents, and teachers create long-lasting change in their lives.

I was awarded the student-teacher counselor award at my former school. After teachers saw the results students were getting, they started knocking on my door, so I could help them get unstuck, create a clear plan so they could achieve their goals as well.



I taught graduate school students at the City University of New York (Lehman College) for four years at the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education

I taught the Practicum in Counseling course for four years. One of the things I loved about teaching the Practicum course was helping my students apply theories in practice.

Now, why is this important?

Well, the gap between information and transformation is a big one. Many people can share facts, figure, quotes, and words they've read in a book. But few can help people permanently transform their lives as I do.

I've been blessed with the skills and techniques to help people change their lives in. I help my students become effective counselors so that they too could help their clients change their own lives. I utilize the teach-them-how-to-fish approach.

I'm result-driven and have been so ever since I can remember. I love process, but I enjoy seeing women and girls accomplish their goals, get unstuck, cultivate deeper self-love, and believe in themselves. 



For the past few years, I've helped hundreds of women all over the world:

  • find their life purpose
  • heal emotional wounds
  • attract true love
  • boost their self-confidence
  • achieve their goals
  • win at life

Through all my years and experiences coaching youngsters, college professors, and therapists, I learned that they all have one thing in common, and they were ready and serious about changing.

A woman who has a coach or mentor is an unstoppable woman. She is knows that what she knows got her this far, but won't take her where she needs to go. She is open and willing to get help. 

"When you're in the frame, you cannot see the entire picture." ~ Queenette Nwobodo



Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being the mother of three incredible kids. Chiamaka (far left), Obinna (middle), and Chidimma (far right) are the brightest stars in the sky. They are my heart beating outside my chest.

Motherhood has taught me to:

  • plan with flexibility
  • love with my entire heart
  • fulfill my life purpose because what they see is more important than what I say
  • say "I don't know" when I don't know
  • say "I'm sorry" when I'm wrong
  • be present even though I want to answer an email
  • cherish family nights because they still think we're cool
  • trust my instincts and intuition
  • attention and love means more than presents
  • forgive myself quickly when I get it wrong


My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have been together for 14 years. 

Being a wife has taught me:

  • never give up on love
  • open my heart to receive love
  • laugh as hard as possible because I'm happy
  • we are a team and we win together
  • deep loving and intimate connection feels so good
  • we are purpose partners who support each other in achieving our life purpose


I'll help you get unstuck and achieve your personal and professional goals. Whether you want to accomplish a specific goal, get unstuck, show, identify your gifts and passions or fulfill your life purpose; you are in the right place.  

Ever since I can remember, I've always created a plan to help people achieve their goals. I have a few courses to help you get going right away, scroll down and you'll see the Online Self-Study Courses that are available. If you're interesting in private coaching click the coaching tab in the menu.

If you're not sure where to begin, reach out to us via email at info@Queenette.com, and someone on our team will assist you. 



What do you need help with? Relationships, Self-Love/Life Purpose or Confidence





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My mission is to help at least 1 million women and girls all over the world achieve their life purpose. They will confidently believe, the following statement "I am enough and everything I need is already inside me!"

As a counselor and educator in the school system for over 16 years, I know that girls who don't believe in themselves, give up on themselves. When girls give up on themselves they make poor choices. They grow up to be women who feel confused, lonely and unfulfilled.

My life purpose is to close THE PURPOSE GAP™ for girls and women all over the world. I believe a girl/woman who is actively pursuing her life purpose is an unstoppable girl/woman.