Hi, I'm Queenette Nwobodo!

Business coach

I help coaches identify and increase their value in the marketplace.

My specialty:

  • pulling out your authentic and unique message

  • helping you get a clear direction and plan

  • helping you get clients consistently


Queenette Nwobodo is a business coach who helps coaches identify, increase, and showcase their value in the marketplace. After struggling with sales and marketing, Queenette built her coaching business from $1188 in six months to $120,000 six months later. She created Profitable Coach Institute to help coaches who transform lives have a greater impact, influence, and income.

She helps coaches position themselves as experts and attract premium clients consistently. With a combined audience and reach of over 500,000, Queenette is a sought-after speaker on topics including your irresistible message, knowing your value, and expert positioning.

She has appeared on the stages at Georgetown University Business School, the NYC Department of Education, and Lehman College.

Queenette lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their three children.

Connect with Queenette at info@Queenette.com.

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