Queenette Nwobodo


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Queenette Nwobodo is a business success coach who helps new and aspiring coaches add $5K-$15K in monthly income. Queenette developed a unique process into customers’ buying triggers and behaviors. In her Profitable Coach Academy, Queenette uses her sales and marketing expertise to help her clients identify profitable messages and install a client attraction system to easily attract clients who are ready to buy. The result is a consistent and predictable monthly income.

Humble beginnings in the South Bronx did not stop Queenette from establishing a coaching practice that she grew to six figures in twelve months. With a combined audience and reach of over 500,000, Queenette is sought-after speaker on topics including crafting your irresistible message, branding, and online marketing, she has appeared on stages at Georgetown University Business School, the NYC Department of Education, and Lehman College. Queenette lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their three children