Radical Self-Confidence Bootcamp...

For ambitious women who want to conquer fear and self-doubt so they can increase their impact and income. This bootcamp will boost your confidence immediately! You’ll discover exactly what makes you so amazing, and you’ll get tools and techniques to help you manifest success and freedom. 




  • overcome fears that are holding you back from your purpose and goals
  • recognize and conquer self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs 
  • get out of the procrastination hamster wheel and 
  • increase your confidence in life and business 
  • take action and persist no matter what comes your way
  • Breakthrough the mental blocks and barriers to unlock the confident woman within
  • Figure out your area of specialization
  • Put yourself in front of your ideal clients with confidence and conviction
  • Accomplish goals you've set every New Year but pushed off out of fear and self-doubt
  • Embrace and accept yourself so you use your skills to change lives
  • eliminate stress and anxiety caused by worry and negative self-talk


Queenette Nwobodo, the founder of Love Amaka, is a globally recognized Life Strategist, and Counselor. She helps women overcome fear to increase their income and impact in the world.

Queenette Nwobodo, Life Strategist & Counselor 

Radical Self-Confidence Bootcamp goes hand-in-hand with a crown. I believe loving and appreciating yourself is the fastest way to have a greater impact in the world. As a Queen thinketh, so is she. Uplifting yourself will leave you feeling radiant, whole, and complete. In Radical Self-Confidence Bootcamp you get the five keys to unlock your confidence so you can flow freely into fulfillment. Radical Self-Confidence Bootcamp will help you fall madly in love with yourself by developing a positive self-image and self-expression.



  • The LIVE bootcamp will be hosted via webinar/conference line. You can log in via phone or computer. 
  • When: Saturday, September 16 at 8pm EST. 
  • You will have writing exercises so be in a position to write. 
  • The bootcamp will be recorded in case you miss it. You want to be there LIVE though. 
  • No refunds. Funds are transferrable but non-refundable. 
  • Show up and have FUN!
  • More details will be sent to bootcamp registrants.