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I AM ENOUGH ACADEMY is only for women who are serious and ready about pursuing success and fulfilling their purpose. 

You'll experience greater joy and fulfillment when you know what you have inside you already. 

What keeps most women stuck, overwhelmed, and confused is the lack of clarity and direction to take in life. 

You don't have to be stuck and overwhelmed any longer. You get the clarity and confidence you need to achieve your life and business goals. 

I Am Enough Academy combines theory and practice to help you gain clarity, confidence and conviction in who you are and who you are here to serve.

You’ll uncovering unique talents, hidden passions, and abilities so you can be in alignment with our divine calling. 

Chances are you're probably out of alignment and that is causing you to feel confused, overwhelmed, and stagnant. When we operate at our best we are operating from our highest gifts and abilities which allows everything we want to flow freely to us. 



1. Get unstuck and move forward into manifesting the life you deserve.

2. Find Your Life Purpose: Eliminate confusion about who you are and where you are going in life. 

3. Learn the Powerful Life Tools For Happiness: Learn the strategies happy people use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to reach their peak potential. 

4. Create your personalized Life Map: A self-directed, and intuition-based blueprint of what you need to be happy and fulfill your goals. You’ll learn how to depend on yourself for the answers. Get out of the mental prison of getting permission and approval from others. 

5. Successful Goal Planning - Get your personal goal calendar to ensure accountability and successful execution of your goals. You'll learn how to add things to your calendar that reduces stress and overwhelm. 

6. Implementation and Information are on two different realms. I Am Enough Academy transforms you from an information gathering person to an implementer. Get the practical and actionable steps to achieving your goals

7. Set healthy boundaries to ensure peace, joy, and personal fulfillment

8. Values List: The most important list you'll ever create is your values list. The Values List makes it is easy, fast, and simple to make decisions free of stress, fear, and anxiety. 

Patricia B.

The first time I heard Queenette talk about her story of abandonment I felt like what I had been through finally had a name and I just knew God placed her in my path. I was immediately drawn to her and how passionate and real she was. I soaked in every word she said and continued watching her videos over many weeks. I then booked a discovery session, and that was when the aha moments started happening for me. At that point, I just knew I had to join I Am Enough Academy I wanted to know how to start healing and better myself. I've been through the first 5 lessons at this point and have learned so much about myself and am seeing things differently these days. If you are having doubts about joining , just jump in with both feet! You will not regret it. :heart:

I Am Enough Academy is a comprehensive program that takes you on a journey from self-love to finding your life purpose. A woman who loves herself deeply and knows why God created her is an unstoppable and powerful woman. The world needs what God put in you, and this is your chance to gift it to the world. Self-love and finding your purpose are the secret sauce to having a happy and fulfilling life. 


Sherline F.

I have been taken I Am Enough Academy for four months, and I have to be honest, I was not completely sold on the process because "hurting" was working for me. Continuing to be the victim was paying off. That is such a hard thing to admit, but I realize that I needed to start getting real with myself. Do I want to remain stuck and not heal or do I want to take my life back and get back in the game called life? I decided to get back in the game and ever since I've made that my decision, I feel the weight of my problems, disappointments, sadness, loneliness, obsession (with my ex-boyfriend who was a narcissist) off my shoulders. I had a breakthrough with Module 5 (Forgiveness). I feel as though I'm finally going to "HEAL" from the hurt and pain. I know I have some ways to go, but I have invested in my future along with my children's future by healing. My children deserve to have a healthy, stable, and purpose-driven mother.

Access your next level of greatness and achieve your personal and professional goals. 

Queenette has shared her gift through I Am Enough Academy. She’s provided me with the tools that I needed to empower myself to be who I was destined to be. I wanted Queenette’s help to find a man. Little did I know that I would learn more about myself; I learned that I have what I need and that I am enough. It’s not just about being in a relationship, it’s about my self-worth and self-love. Now, I feel confident knowing that am so worthy of standing in my greatness regardless of my circumstances or history. I’m taking steps to pursue life goals that have been on my heart for years. Thank you Queenette for I Am Enough Academy.
— Christine



I created The Purposed-Fulfilled™ system to produce successful, consistent and reliable results for each participant. I have develop a system and a process that actually works! The Purposed-Fulfilled™ system consists of 5 powerful pillars based on 16 years of experience and research. Each pillar is a practice that creates permanent transformation. 

Overcome emotional pain and use your new-found knowledge to step into a new realm of being. Knowledge of self is the most powerful tool a woman has. Using the Practice of Self-Awareness, you'll never lose yourself in a friendship, relationship or the world again. You become steady, unshakeable and confident in values and life path.

Forgive yourself, others and release the baggage that's weighing you down. Peace and worry-free living is the result of The Practice of Forgiveness. Unfortunately, many people think they've forgiven, but they haven't. They pushed it aside so they can survive. In I Am Enough Academy, we leave no stone unturned. The art of forgiveness is the most gracious gift you can give yourself and others. It's time for you to have peace, calm, and joy consistently. 

Accept yourself boldly, unconditionally and unapologetically. The Practice of Self-love is the most fail-proof tool in your possession. You'll learn to activate self-love on a daily basis to guard against fear, loneliness, and rejection. This practice penetrates your subconscious level, so you know and utilize the depths of your brilliance, beauty, and greatness. This practice will boost your self-love and self-care to the optimal level to achieve your goals and desires. 

Get comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zone where the magic happens. Many people fall short of their personal goals because they are missing this vital piece, The Practice of Growth. Get a winner's mindset for life and use it to step into the life you were called to have. Many are called, but few are chosen. The Practice of Growth keeps your faith and focus intact while carrying you across the finish line. Setbacks will never keep you in a state of fear again.  

Accomplish your goals through The Practice of Achievement. Achieving your life purpose and goals are your birthright. Entering a new life, new realm, and new level of success is your next chapter. In this new chapter, you accept the call and learn how small bite-size steps lead to massive success and fulfillment. Learn how highly successful and accomplished achieve their goals. Playing small has no part in your life any longer, with The Practice of Achievement you'll flow, freely into fulfillment. 

Susan Johnson.jpg


I Am Enough Academy is absolutely phenomenal!!! Never in a million years did I think I would have come as far as I have. I was an absolute mess a year ago...my self-esteem was nonexistent. I was dealing with a heartbreak, and my kids were distant from me.  I cried just about every single day - I even contemplated suicide. I felt so alone as if nobody cared about me no matter what I did or how hard I tried it wasn't enough. I felt like a failure; I was drowning in bills, barely making ends meet, I was defeated, depressed, and my job suffered severely because of all of this. 

I Am Enough Academy is absolutely phenomenal!!! Never in a million years did I think I would have come as far as I have. I was an absolute mess a year ago...my self-esteem was nonexistent. I was dealing with a heartbreak, and my kids were distant from me.  I cried just about every single day - I even contemplated suicide. I felt so alone as if nobody cared about me no matter what I did or how hard I tried it wasn't enough. I felt like a failure; I was drowning in bills, barely making ends meet, I was defeated, depressed, and my job suffered severely because of all of this. 

After I joined, I Am Enough Amaka the lightbulb finally turned on. With every lesson, I became stronger, happier, more confident by the day. I have high self-esteem now, and I feel amazing. I feel unstoppable. The best part is things are working out in my favor. I've been speaking up for myself, and I learned to say "no" unapologetically. I was even recently promoted at my job to Team Lead with a raise. This is the very first job that I've ever been part of the management team. And I've been working since I was 15! My co-workers noticed that I am more confident, smiling, and laughing more than I ever have.  All thanks to I Am Enough Academy. Thanks to Class 6, I now change negative thoughts to positive thoughts and have learn how to release and let unhelpful things go. Thanks to Class 5, I'm no longer bitter or angry with the ex-husband. I know this is a bit long-winded, but I just want you to know how grateful I am for you Queenette. I wouldn't be where I am today and would still be stuck if it weren't for you and I Am Enough Academy. My only wish is that you continue to do what you do to teach women like me to be happy and vibrant. God bless you Queenette!


12 uplifting & transformational CLASSes

Each class includes - a Lecture, a Journal Assignment, a Practical Life Challenge

Class 1: Self-Love Journey

Class 2: Satisfying Your Needs

Class 3: Strength Zones

Class 4: Rules & Beliefs

Class 5: Forgiveness

Class 6: Releasing & Letting Go

Class 7: Setting Boundaries

Class 8: Mastering Your Values

Class 9: Your Life's Purpose

Class 10: Own Your Mission & Vision

Class 11: 90-Day Purpose Launch

Class 12: Step Into Your Greatness

 Plus my highly-requested and popular SHOWER AFFIRMATION!



The Shower Affirmation is a tool that will help you learn how to trust yourself and develop confidence in yourself and your decisions.


When you use the Shower Affirmation, you’ll get:

  • answers to your most burning questions and concerns

  • rid of anxiety and worry around your ability to make wise choices

  • to stop obsessively thinking about a particular issue

  • to make decisions faster and more confidently

  • to experience calm and peace in your day-to-day interactions at work and home

If you’ve been struggling with trusting your decisions you definitely need to get your hands on this daily Shower Affirmation.

When I first started the process of elevating to my next level and trying to figure things out for myself, I ran into roadblocks. I didn’t know how to stop over thinking everything. My mind would replay things that happened during the day over and over again driving me crazy. I couldn’t enjoy watching tv or a day out with friends because my thoughts consumed me most of the time. That's when I created the Shower
Affirmation, to help me get rid of anxiety and constant worry.

I learned how to trust my decisions and got my freedom and time back.

I spend countless hours wasting it on thoughts that didn’t matter. I spend countless money on self-help books that all said the same thing but the actions to actually change was missing. 

You don't need to recreate the wheel, just use my personal Shower Affirmation. I’m gifting you this simple but powerful affirmation you say daily in the shower. It's literally one line. This one line has changed my life.

When you utilize the Shower Affirmation not only do you save the time I spent to develop it, but you also save what could be months and years of wasted time and money because you’ll be doing it right the first time.

Affirmations work when it’s paired with something solid. It has to be anchored in something real and tangible. The Shower Affirmation sticks to your mind and soul. 



The first time I sought counseling was in 2014 after feeling exhausted and stuck in an emotional roller coaster called life. I wanted to know why I was feeling this way. I didn't know what was wrong; I just felt that something should be better. I worked with a counselor for months without any resolve. Again, I felt overwhelmed, so I started praying. 

When I met Queenette, I had been in loveless married for 11, years. I questioned everything, including myself, my relationship and my purpose in life. I prayed for guidance because, I knew I needed to make changes in my life, but had no idea where to start. I felt unhappy and lost.

Then by God's grace Queenette came across my news feed (I don't believe in coincidences). Her story was my story. I stayed up for throughout the night watching videos, as she told the story of my life. I optimistically joined I Am Enough Academy. I now feel as if I have had Lasik (eye) surgery. Each class has provided me more clarity and wisdom. I've learned to be more loving and compassionate towards myself (self-love and self-care). One of the most important things I've learned is to use more feminine energy (being instead of doing) to sustain my self-love journey.

Since taking I Am Enough Academy, I am growing and maturing. When I started this journey with Queenette, I felt completely lost. I thought it was the end for me and I was just living day-to-day as if I had no control over the outcome of my life. However, the day I stumbled over one of Queenette’s videos on Facebook, a light switch was turned on. I started to learn what I had been struggling with and the reasons why. Each day I was forced to analyze every aspect of my life and look at how my experiences (good or bad) have led me on this roller coaster ride. I am so grateful for I Am Enough Academy and what I am learning every day. Because of I Am Enough Academy, I am so much more confident and able to trust the decisions I make each day. I realized how much I was relying on others opinions to make decisions. I allowed what others thought to impact my life so much. Now I can say “no” confidently and without worrying about people judging me. I am valuable and love who I am. There were plenty of things in my life that I look back on and now that I cannot believe I allowed to happen. At one point, I could not decide on what to eat at a restaurant without my partner’s input. Smh! I am so grateful for this journey. Thank you Queenette for I Am Enough Academy!
— Ursuline H.