Date Like A Queen


Are you a single woman who's ready for true love?

Are you overwhelmed, busy, stressed out and successful according to society?

But deep down you sometimes feel like something is missing.

You’re smart and ambitious, but you have a nagging feeling that there must be more.

You have the job, the salary and other things that should make you feel successful but you know you’re supposed to feel different.

Something doesn’t add up.

You should be happier and more fulfilled.

You truly want to be loved and seen for who you are.

You want inner peace and joy that signals to you that everything is good.

All my ambitious sisters want the same thing.

We want real love.

You want to finally let your guard down. Let your shoulders relax and allow a man who sees your authentic personality, quirks, and mannerisms to hold you and never let go.

I had a huge wall up and was kicking and screaming and kept a "comfortable" distance but all I ever wanted what the real deal.

A real man to just hold me and let me know that he wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted him to look me in the eyes see the real me and want to stay on his own. No begging or pleading. I wanted a man who loved me the right way on the right level.

The last thing I wanted to deal with after dealing with my mother's abandonment was another person I loved leaving me yet again. That was too big of a price to pay for love.

Even though all I wanted was love, why was I sabotaging it? I almost walked away from the love of my life because I didn’t know there was another way out.

I didn’t know that I could learn to receive love.

I didn't know that I could love without being controlling and paranoid.

I didn’t know that I could learn to forgive, so I didn’t have to be so defensive.

I didn’t know that I could stop myself from thinking that I would never meet the right one.

I had serious trust issues. 

It took me years of soul-searching and coaching to stop using achievements to fill up a hole that only self-love could fill.

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you rewrite limiting beliefs, and break unhealthy patterns in their relationships to attract healthy and loving relationships.

Real love changes everything.

You want to be able to speak authentically and be loved for it. You want to share your deepest fears and proud moments with a man who genuinely loves you. You want to let your guard down an finally let love into your heart without fear and anxiety.

You deserve a peaceful, loving and purpose partner.

I know for a fact that you can cultivate a healthy and loving relationship after you complete this program. 


Shenelle W. 

Prior to Date Like A Queen, I had no knowledge of how to relate to the opposite sex. I was competing with the actions of other women who I thought were winning at love. I had just experienced the worst year ever in relationships, and knew that if I wanted the love that I deserved I had some inner work to do. I could not have asked for a more solid and thorough approach that led to my healing and understanding of dating patterns, loving myself, and the male psyche. 6 weeks later, I am now one thousand percent ahead of where I was just a few months ago, and I am ever so grateful, and seriously ready for the right type of love. ~ Shenelle W., Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Deep lasting love is for you too.

Become more confident on dates

Learn how to balance masculine and feminine energy

Develop a loving mindset that attracts a healthy and loving man

Avoid the traps that are ruining your ability to attract high-quality men

"The Date Like A Queen" program has sincerely blessed my life. The saying is so true that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Queenette is a God-send. Her kindred spirit, transparency and grounded personality made the lessons easy to understand and relatable. Queenette's level of devotion and compassion to help purpose-driven women is evident on the Q&A calls. She was patient and empathetic to our needs. There was never an issue not addressed. She gave us the tools to effectively deal with past issues in order to lay the framework for healthy relationships and prosperous future marriages. I wish the course was longer and cannot wait to begin our one-on-one coaching together. I would highly recommend this program to any woman ready to heal and attract the love they truly deserve. You will not be disappointed!"  ~ J.C. 

Here's the process I use to help you attract the love of your life. 

The Dating Regimen™ is the system I created to help purpose-driven women enter healthy and loving relationship that leads to marriage.








    ●Secret #1 Assess - How to overcome past pain and patterns that gets in the way of healthy and loving relationship?

    ●Secret #2 Quest - Finding and developing your authentic self so you can meet a man who’s compatible and equally yoked

    ●Secret #3 Understand - Get the scope the the male psyche and how it works. What do men want from women they want to marry?

    ●Secret #4 Embrace - How to open your heart to receive real love and how to give healthy love (not the needy, clingy, desperate love)?

    ●Secret #5 Engage - Meeting high-quality commitment-ready men who will like you for you. 

    ●Secret #6 Nurture - Establishing a healthy relationship during courtship. What does a healthy relationship look like. 

  • Find out the best places to meet high-quality commitment-ready men and the places to stay away from
  • If you are a powerful, smart, and successful women ready to enter a healthy loving relationship where trust, loyalty, and commitment are the norm then enroll in the program right now.