Click here to finally get clarity, focus, and direction.

Are you a coach who needs clarity on what you offer your clients?

Do you need clarity on the transformation you provide as a coach?

As a result, you lack a clear message and consistent monthly income?

If so, you’re in the right place.

You’ve been called to help people, but you’re struggling to get clear on precisely what your clients will pay for and what area of coaching to focus on.

Clarity Session is a powerful one-hour coaching session, designed to help you get clear, so you get paying clients. You’ll get clarity on the area your natural gifts and talents work best as a coach.

For example, you may be a coach who helps women with confidence and purpose, but you’re not sure how to phrase your message so your ideal clients can choose you.

You may be a relationship coach, but you don’t know what area of coaching would be ideal for your experience, history, story, or gifts.

Or you don’t have a clear message that people understand. You don’t know how to say what you do in one powerful sentence that attracts clients.

That’s what I’ll help you with during the clarity session.

I will help you clarify the exact transformation people Will pay You for consistently.

The goal of this Clarity Session is to help you get clarity on your message and niche so you can have a focus on a direction that builds wealth and makes an impact.

Confusion keeps you stuck and drains your creativity.

Say “bye” to confusion and “hello” to clarity and direction.

I find that many coaches who’ve experienced my Clarity Session move forward powerfully. They feel alive again and have so much focus on their business.

It’s time to get your clarity and confidence back.

If you’re ready to make an impact and enjoy financial freedom as a well-paid coach, then book your Clarity Session now.


  1. One (1) hour clarity coaching session

  2. Online assessment

  3. Clarity Session recording

Email us at if you have any questions.
— Queenette Nwobodo

Profitable Coach Academy


Profitable Coach Academy self-study online program is the ultimate training program for purpose-driven women, who want to leave a legacy, use their passion, and create true wealth for themselves and for their families.

I took self-study to a whole new level. I replicated my high-end private coaching experience through this self-study online course.

How did you do this Queenette? You’re probably wondering…

Well, I am teaching it on camera.

Yes, I am speaking directly to you through video and not behind slides.

This is the best way to duplicate my private coaching without the high-end price tag.

You get all the content, worksheets, templates, guides, clarity, and confidence at the click of a button.

It is super convenient especially for busy moms, professionals, or if you find yourself juggling a lot in this season of your life.

You can download the Teachable app and listen the course anywhere and anytime you want to.

TAKE A SNEAK PEEK INSIDE THE beautiful and easy-to-use platform.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us via email at
— Queenette Nwobodo

Profitable Coach Academy

Private Coaching Program

Are you feeling called to make a difference and change lives now?

Are you ready to start or scale your a coaching business that’s aligned with your purpose?

Are you ready to serve your ideal clients on a global scale?

If so, your tribe is waiting for their leader.  

You belong to this group of amazing life-changers!

Hi! I’m Queenette!


I'm really happy you're here. It means you are ready to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of others...

It is truly my honor to mentor you on this amazing journey. After transforming myself from being a struggling life coach earning $1,188 in 6 months to now owning a multiple 6-figure international business...

I know first hand that it is POSSIBLE to make money doing what you love, make a difference, and enjoy a beautiful lifestlye. 

I've dedicated my life to helping women live out their purpose, create their dream business and life using business strategies and your personal stories of triumph, and now I'm here to help you too. 

My signature program Profitable Coach Academy is a holistic program that covers all the foundations of lauching and scaling a profitable coaching business. 

Take a look at all the client love and learn exactly how to make a 6-figure income as a coach, share your message, and change lives (even if you are just getting started!) 

Always rooting for you,


What is Profitable Coach Academy?

Profitable Coach Academy is the ultimate mentorship and training program for purpose-driven women, who want to leave a big mark in the world, live out their true purpose, and create a legacy of wealth for themselves and for their families.

Become the best version of yourself and leave a legacy


How Profitable Coach Academy Works

Are you ready feel deeply connected and confident in how you are meant to serve as you grow your coaching business? 

Are you ready to do work that is meaningful, profitable, AND on your own terms? 

Are you ready to work from anywhere in the world and make your own hours?  

With ease and grace!

Profitable Coach Academy gives you all the personal attention, business skills, coaching skills, accountability, and community support you need to fulfill your divine purpose.  

The revolutionary 6-month private coaching program provides you with one-on-one mentorship from a woman who has been where you are and is now where you desire to be.  

You’ll receive in-depth business training, private coaching calls, live coaching demonstrations, plus bonus resources and exclusive content. You work at your own pace, so it's perfect for women who have a full-time job. 

Are You Ready To Wake Up Excited Each Day?

Are you ready to impact the lives of people all around the world with your gifts, skills, and experiences?

Are you ready to work with clients whose lives are transformed because of your coaching?

Check out the Profitable Coach Curriculum

Queenette’s proven curriculum guides you through a step-by-step process of starting or scaling your coaching business. Create or refine your business model, learn how to charge and earn your worth, develop a beautiful brand, hone in on your ideal target audience and niche. Create the best marketing and messaging that sets you apart from the rest of the coaches in your industry. Set up automated systems to bring in consistent cash and clients so you get paid for your unique gift. 






  • Create your proven 6+ figure business plan and build your business around your ideal lifestyle. 

  • Design an irresistible branding and uncover you unique gift and voice that will elevate you above the rest so clients are drawn to you consistently. 

  • Choose a profitable niche and target market so you are positioned for success from the very beginning.

  • Get clarity and direction on how to differentiate your brand so you leverage your passion, experiences, and unique gifts


  • Create your very own signature coaching program that attracts your ideal clients. 

  • Discover the exact words and phrases to use to motivate and inspire your ideal clients to choose you over and over again.

  • Learn the magnetic way to communicate your program so you have a consistent flow of clients coming to work with you. 

  • Design a beautiful and attractive website that showcases your brilliance, gift, and expertise. 


  • Install systems and structures that creates time and location freedom. 

  • Never chase clients again. Use systems to structures to bring clients to your doorstep each and every day. 

  • Set up all the systems to begin accepting and working with paid clients.

  • Organize your coaching business like a multi-million dollar empire before you get there. 


  • Implement marketing funnels that attract new paying clients each month.

  • Create offer and build your list of clients who can't wait to work with you.

  • Conduct webinars that add additional creates consistent and a steady income flow each month.

  • Build your social media following and drive tons of traffic to your website.

  • Discover exactly where your ideal clients are hanging out and attract them into your program.


  • Enroll clients consistently using a proven sales script (designed specifically for coaches).

  • Conduct sales conversations that are soulful and gets clients saying "yes!"

  • Make more money by handling objections like an expert sales star.

  • Book consistent Discovery Calls on autopilot so you spend time doing things you love instead. 


  • Strengthen your coaching skills and techniques and get your clients results without getting a coaching certificate.

  • Gain the skills and confidence to conduct powerful and transformation coaching sessions with your clients.

  • Discover your most effective coaching style and learn the best practices from Queenette, who was a graduate school professor at the City University of New York. She taught the Practicum In Counseling course and now you get the secrets of coaching without paying a graduate school tuition. (this is worth the price of the entire program)

  • Learn how to effectively plan and prepare for your coaching sessions so you bring out the best in your clients each session. 

The Program is designed for two levels of coaches

Two types of coaches that do GREAT in Profitable Coach Academy: (1) Just Getting Started and Want To Be a Coach or (2) Started Coaching But Need Consistent Income, Plan, and Structure 

Getting Started With Coaching

Profitable Coach Academy is perfect for you if you're just getting started with coaching and have no idea where to start. You want to discover how to get clients, where to find clients, what type of coach you want to be, your niche, and your target audience. You also need clairty around your identifying what makes you special and unique so you stand out as a coach. You want a proven business plan, clear direction, and focus so you find clients consistently. You are in the right place!!



“My best career investment ever!”


Make Consistent Income Coaching

Or... You already started your coaching business but you are not generating consistent revenue in your business. You're not sure why your services or programs are not selling, and you are the best-kept secret in your industry. Not enough people know about you or your services. You need more traffic, sales, and profit. If you're overwhelm, confused, and are ready to take your business to the next level then Profitable Coach Academy is pathway to your success. 

Nien's Photo.jpg

I have a clear business plan, clear message, and identified my ideal clients!

Coaching with Queenette not only brought me clarity and results in my business but her program helped me as a thought-leader to show up authentically, have a clear vision, clear message and identified my ideal clients. I went in wanting to get more traffic and wanting to show up confidently in front of my ideal clients, and I did! Another thing that I loved was, throughout our coaching journey together, Queenette was there, pushing me, challenging me, and she cared about me and cared about my brand. If you're looking for that coach that's going to support you, push you, challenge you, and help you bring your brand in front of the masses, then join Profitable Coach Academy. Like Nike, just do it. There's nothing to think about, she’s got you covered!

Nien O., Life Coach

Teekwa, got new clients and added an another stream of income!

Your Coaching Empire Deliverables

1. Personalized Business Plan

2. Signature Coaching Program

3. Marketing Plan To Get Clients

4. Discovery Calls + Sales Scripts

5. Payment Structures Activated

6. Brand Audit & Assessment

7. Million-Dollar Presentation Slides Swipe File

If you have any questions, be sure to email us at
— Queenette Nwobodo

Make a 6-Figure Income as a Coach, Share Your Message, and Change Lives (even if you are just getting started)!


You'll discover how to...

  • Get More Clients How to Enroll 10 Times More Clients in Just 30 Days or Less Without Wasting Money and Getting Stressed Out.

  • Pricing Your Program Correctly The Pricing Strategy of 6 and 7 Figure Coaches that Attracts Clients Ready to say "YES" (even if you are brand new to coaching).

  • Be Highly Paid The 4-Step Process for Enrolling Coaching Clients + How to Get Your First High-Paying Coaching Client (without complicated strategies).

  • Save Time Make More Become the go-to premium coach and charge at least $1,500-$5,000 for your coaching services with ease and confidence.

If you have any questions, email us at
— Queenette Nwobodo