Trusting Yourself To Love Again

I've come a long way.

I've had the vision of hosting a hands-on, rejuvenating, and healing retreat for women for so long. Two months ago the vision came to fruition because I decided to trust myself. 

In this season, I'm learning how to trust my inner voice at a deeper level. The more I trust "her," the more she speaks to me in clear directives. 

What happens when you don't trust yourself as much as you should because of mistakes you've made in the past?

What happens when the men you choose are always the wrong ones for you?

Here's what I know to be true, it's hard to make the right decisions when your perspective is "wounded."

Before I go into the two types of women with wounded perspectives, this is a judgment-free zone. All I want you to do is identify which one feels more accurate based on where you are in life right now. 

I know over the years women will go from one to the other or both depending on the relationship.

There are two types of wounded perspectives that hurts our decision-making process, which ultimately leads to lack of trust in ourselves. 

The first woman I call her the Wounded Worrier. The Wounded Worrier is constantly worried about how to make others like her. She is often doing things for people so they can reward her with love. She is more concerned about what people think of her than what she feels about herself. She has a "clingy" personality that pushes people way until they need her to do something for them. She struggles to love herself, so she seeks love from others especially men. Men tend to take advantage of her good-hearted nature. This is a repetitive cycle. 

The second woman, I call her the Wounded Warrior. The Wounded Warrior is afraid of getting too close to people because of fear. She fears that she won't be accepted so she "cuts" people off before they reject her. She has a wall up, and she doesn't let anyone in. She struggles with loneliness and would rather be alone than to risk abandonment and rejection from a romantic relationship or a friendship. She has a "runner" personality that pushes people away because of her lack of trust. She tends to run from men, get lonely and then date the wrong man who is emotionally unavailable like she is. This is a repetitive cycle.

I don't believe breakthroughs have to take forever to happen. 

The truth is...

You are one retreat, coaching session, or program away from having true love.

Whenever I think about what something is worth to me with regards to time and money, I think about what it costs me not to have it. Am I happier? Do I have more peace? Do have love? 

If it costs you the love of your life, then that's a decision that can be changed if you're ready for a different experience. 

This Saturday, April 14 women are gathering online to heal emotional wounds and tap into their feminine power to attract true love. 

I'm hosting an online VIP Bootcamp for busy women who want to learn everything there is to know about attracting true love by healing the Wounded Worrier and Warrior for good.  

You will learn how to tap into your inner Queen, the most powerful resource you were given to bring real love into your life.

Feminine Power Bootcamp is for women who know it's time for: 

  • real love
  • lifetime companionship
  • joy and peace of a loving man
  • comfort, care, and security of a man who covers you
  • memories of a lifetime (travel + adventure) with your true love

It's for the strong, successful, and the busy woman who didn't see the best example of how a woman should love and let love in. 

I knew how to protect myself but not how to love. How can you love well when you've never been taught how? 

You've done as much as you know how to do. If you're ready to experience deeper love and affection from a masculine man who cares, it is time to do something different. 

I could pretend like I was perfect and I didn't need to do anything different, but that would not be accurate. I was the Wounded Warrior. I was running from love because I was afraid of being heartbroken again.

I had legitimate reasons to fear loving someone again, but that fear kept me loveless and lonely. I had to say "yes" to a different way of doing things so I could experience care, support, and love. 

What you need to know moving forward will take you to Mr. Right. 

Click here to join us this Saturday (via computer) for a fun but powerful Bootcamp that will change your love life forever. 

Sending you warm xoxo.


Real Love Retreat 2018 (pics)    Don't forget to comment below and let me know if you identify with Wounded Warrior or Worrier the most and why.

Real Love Retreat 2018 (pics)

Don't forget to comment below and let me know if you identify with Wounded Warrior or Worrier the most and why.