A Good Woman or The Right Woman

Single men put women in two main categories, Good Women, and The Right Woman

Most of the women he comes across are good, but he will only marry the RIGHT one for him. 

He doesn't see things the way the women he dates see things. The women he meets once they see that he's a good man with a good job they are ready to get married. 

He, on the other hand, wants to see if she's right for him specifically and not whether she's a good person in general.  There's a huge difference and many good women are often confused by this. 

There are too many amazing women trying to figure out why they weren't "chosen" by a good man and end up driving themselves crazy. 

I wouldn't waste years trying to prove your worth to a man who doesn't think you are right for him. It doesn't take men long to figure out if you're The Right Woman.

His choice doesn't make you worthless or flawed; it only means you are not equally yoked or right for one another. 

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Gen 2:18

Women desperately seek closure or an answer to why things didn't work, but I want you to save yourself the sleepless nights. 

There are only two categories: Good and Right. If you are not right, it's okay to move on because you are GOOD. 

When Mr. Right sees you, he will see his wife. It will be easy and unexpected. No performance required.

I coach my clients to stop auditioning and start being. Most times men want women who are "Queen-like" (feminine + powerful).

It takes more practice for successful women to turn off the DOING energy because that is what has made them successful in their careers. I show them how to get in the state of BEING instead. 

The DOING energy repels high-quality masculine men.

Men find women who are BEING (feminine energy) irresistible. 
— Queenette Nwobodo

Contrary to what many smart and successful women believe, men are not intimated by their success. 

Men just don't want to compete with you in the relationship. 

It is unlikely for a masculine man to marry a woman who is masculine in a relationship. 

Masculine men appreciate and admire women who are masculine at work but not in a relationship. 

This is a case of time, place, and manner. 

You wouldn't wear a winter coat to go swimming on a sunny day. It would be the wrong time, place, and manner.

The same is true for masculine women in the context of a relationship. It doesn't work for masculine men. Feminine men will not mind having a masculine woman because they do not occupy that space in the relationship.  

If you grew up in a home where feminine energy was not modeled it is not uncommon to be clueless about how to tap into it. 

Women who grew up in single parent households, where the mother was the primary care taker, only got a demonstration of masculine energy. In this case the mother had no choice because the she needed to survive and take care of her children. She had to "DO" everything by herself and there wasn't an opportunity to just "BE". 

In the words of Beyonce, "girls run the world."

I love that.

However, as long as you don't run your man, you'll have a healthy and loving relationship. 

Run the world during the day. Come home and let him rub your foot at night. 

It's the best of both worlds. 

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